Digital Marketing

North East full service Digital Marketing Consultant

Having an effective Digital Marketing Strategy in place is the key to success online . Getting your website noticed by potential customers online is crucial for the success of your company. That’s why I get to know your business goals and ambitions inside and out.

Also, I have set up a range of services to tailor a strategy for your business to ensure it gets the correct message to your customers.

Bringing together various marketing tools and techniques which build an overall marketing strategy in the online environment can really make a difference to the business.

Using the following strategies to create this action roadmap:


Target Market

Knowing your target audience is the first step in the marketing plan generation tool. Without clear and specific research into your prospective market, you are not able to understand the market and could be selling the wrong product or service to the wrong market.

Marketing Message

Getting your marketing message to those in your target market needs to be clean and clear and memorable. Having a tone of voice, a brand story or the correct style that you are going to be using to attract potential customers

Media Form

With so many forms of marketing out there, which one do you know will be most effective? Would it be Social media? Display ads such as Adwords or Facebook Marketing? Finding where your marketing message will be most seen by your audience can have massive impact to your businesses growth.

Lead Capture Strategy

Collecting E-mail addresses, signup forms and clear call to actions on your website or marketing materials is a massive part of the strategy plan. By reviewing your current website layout and evaluating areas which can be improved to maximise the lead capture on your materials.

Lead Nurturing Strategy

Once your have collected potential customers how can you turn them from cold leads to raving fans of your brand? Evaluating the way you hold on to your audience and reward them for being fans with special offers, quality service is an aspect which will be closely looked at.

Sales Conversion Strategy

A business which is not turning converting people into buyers can struggle to stay a float. Moving your current client base into repeatable income can be a tricky part to get right, but done correctly, the return on investment (ROI) will be worth every penny spent.

Building out a clear digital marketing strategy roadmap helps keep your business’s marketing efforts on track. Guiding you every step of the way! Evaluating what works and what does not will keep your strategy in the right direction.

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