Search Engine Optimisation

North East Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

Having a great looking website is all fine and dandy, but having it rank on the first page of search engines such as Google and Bing is another matter. The average position of your website in terms of the amount of clicks and people actually visiting your site differs dramatically!

Studies have shown that the average number of clicks for Number 1 in search engines get 32.5% of the clicks, compared to position number 4 in search engines gets around 8.1% of the clicks. So from these figures, you can really see the importance of being high in the organic search results.

SEO is an ongoing process, with different ways to help your site rank high up in search results pages (SERP). There is a lot of factors which goes into a great Search Engine Optimisation strategy. These are as follows:

Keyword Research

Finding the correct Keywords that your potential customers will be searching for is half the battle in the SEO land. Understanding your market and how they interact with search engines is crucial for getting your site ranking.

On Page SEO

Second part of the strategy for SEO success, is on page SEO, having a well structured site with correct keywords placed on the page using the correct structure such as Heading tags, meta descriptions can seem confusing. That’s why planning this stage is vital for your success.

Internal Link Structure

As part of the keywords and meta titles on your site, internal linking to other relevant content in your site helps search engines to understand your site and it’s content of what topic or area of business you are all about. Having the correct structure of links across your site is a powerful strategy.

Off Page SEO

Having your site optimised for search engines is not the only part that you need to consider in your SEO strategy. Off Page Optimisation is a huge ranking factor. Building a large amount of quality, relevant links from authority sites helps to tell search engines that your site is useful and informative to the users.

Quality Content

Having content that attracts and keeps the visitors to your website on your site longer helps build authority to your website and brand. A content strategy should be in place to help create relevant articles and content designed to capture the buyer within the sale cycle, to help bring awareness to the reader.

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