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Moth Studios is a artist run studio space surrounded by a hive of other creative’s right in Newcastle city centre. We are a small business where we sell from our small shop, run popular workshops, events, parties and provide custom commission art services.

Moth Studios came with a number of requirements to help increase their online offering. They needed their new website to match the style of their business, offering taxidermy classes for groups to try out the craft for the first time and also as an online Ecommerce store where they can sell directly from the website to customers. Along with a unique brand identity, they deserved a bespoke website which was optimised for ‘people on the go’ being mobile friendly.

The communication between Moth Studios and DMC, was clear and straight forward, setting dates for going live and weekly updates on the progress of the website.

Working on the website was great fun, incorporating different styles from traditional websites to match the way the brand is. How did Moth Studios find the final product?

The final product is just how I imagined. A quick and concise turn around, I was very shocked how smoothly it all went! So all in all very professional. I also feel comfortable asking for any help or advice/ more work done as I know as my business grows I will want and need some amendments or transformations.


As with everything, it’s all nice having a nice site, but it’s more important increase leads, sales and overall increase the business. What impact did Moth Studios?

It has been a very positive result for my business. Much more traffic and sales!

This is what DMC is all about, having a positive impact on local businesses. Looking forward to seeing how this business grows!

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