Social Media Marketing

Social Media that attracts

Building your brand on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is not just used for brand awareness. With more techniques coming to the platforms every week, you can use these platforms to help increase sales, brand loyalty and help drive traffic to your website using targeting means of marketing.

Working with you on a number of different platforms, I will have the ability to design and create directed ads for your business to help you reach your goals.

It starts with you

Social media is not for every business, but if it is (which I can help identify which platform is for you and your business), we start with:

Market Research

Once I have the knowledge of your business and it’s goals, we can develop a social media marketing strategy which will focus on getting the results that you desire for your business.

Social Media Checklist

Before implementing the social media marketing strategy, I will make sure that your social profiles are as good as they can be.


Once our social strategy has been implemented, it’s time to evaluate the results of the campaigns.

Our process starts with a simple and friendly phone call talk about your goals and ambitions using social media.

We will cover all of the topics which you would like to discuss and get an in depth understanding of how your business works and the message you want to send out.

I will use my industry knowledge to pick the right social networks for your business to use. I understand that not every business needs to be using every social channel which is available.

I have developed a bespoke marketing checklist which covers all of the requirements to make your business social profiles stand out to the max!

Using analytics and comparing with your business goals, I can analyse and adapt the strategy depending on the campaigns performance. Social Media Marketing is an on-going process, and some fine tuning of the strategy can help make sure the performance is at its best and working for you and your goals.

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